Travel Info

Please make sure you have all Covid 19 related information for your trip and destination, these restrictions change frequently and can affect your travel plans.

Due to COVID 19, related governments or airlines can cancel or change their flights or schedules, we don’t have any control on that part.

We strongly encourage you to review your itinerary and tickets upon receipt. If you feel there are any discrepancies or errors in your booking, please contact us immediately. In the event we are contacted after the date of issuance to make corrections or changes, penalties will be inevitable.

Flight schedules/flight cancellations are controlled by airlines and at times some changes can affect your travel plans it’s advisable to confirm your ticket/schedules 72 hours before your departure by visiting the airline’s website or contacting your travel agent.

Passenger’s first and last names must be spelled exactly as they appear in the passenger’s passports. Spelling errors even by one letter on e-tickets will result in denied boarding. It is passengers responsibility to ensure names are correct. Please note, not all airlines require a middle name and some have character restrictions. Check with your booking agent for more details if your name is not as it appears in your passport.

Please ensure all travelers are in possession of valid travel documents & visas prior to departure. Passports MUST be valid for at least 6 months from the date of anticipated return. This includes, but is not limited to, final destination visas, US transit visas & Schengen visas for non-Canadian passport holders if transiting through the US and/or two European cities to your final destination. We strongly advise contacting the relevant embassies for these requirements.

​Service fees are applicable for any changes, cancellations reschedules and for work done by an agent for the client depending on the nature of the work.

​Airlines are constantly changing their luggage allowances and restrictions. Please check your agent or airlines for current baggage allowance,

Due to covid19 a lot of restrictions on routes or flights are imposed or lifted by governments or airlines, these can change anytime without notice or new restrictions can be imposed, we do not have any control over that please check with the required consulate/authority if you can travel.

It is  travelers responsibility to ensure that they meet all travel,entry or transit and Covid requirements for each country on your itinerary.

You are advised to check the requirements at  or by contacting the concerned consulate and airlines.

by contacting the concerned consulate and airlines.

d consulate and airlines.