Low Airfare Tips

Traveling is an essential part of our lives, yet it is not always possible to visit all our favorite destinations due to the high fares of airline tickets. It is generally considered that flights are way more expensive when compared to any other method of commuting, which is nothing but a hoax.

There are many ways that one can find cheap flights & airline tickets without putting any extra efforts. We at Nanak Flights have put together a guide for dummies that will help understand all the factors that you need to consider while searching for these low fare tickets and cheapest flights to anywhere in the World.

#1 factor to save big on your flights: Book your flights well in advance

#1 most important thing to save big money on your flights is to book your flights well in advance. If you know that your travel plan is fixed, Book your tickets either online or with Travel agent as early as possible. By doing this, you are getting the lowest fare inventory available from all the airlines. You have to keep in mind as Airlines are selling their seats, their revenue management team raises fares on the higher inventory bucket. Fares will always be expensive closer to the departure date.

#2 SUPER TIP to save big on your flights: Book your flights after midnight

#2 most important thing to save big money on your flights is to book your flights after midnight. Most Travel agents bookings get cancelled and seat becomes available after midnight. Travel agents are holding seats until 11 pm EST or as per local time zone. When consumers do not confirm their tickets with payment, these seats are automatically cancelled by GDS robotic system based on the time limit and lower class fare becomes available. This is also SUPER TIP to save big dollars on your airline tickets. You will not find this tip anywhere on internet. This is based on our 15 years of travel experience in the travel industry.

Choosing the correct season to travel

One of the most important thing to consider while searching for airline tickets is the season of travel. If you are traveling during the tourist or festive season, then the tickets will cost you more. One the other hand, if you are planning a vacation then try doing it during the off season as you can get great deals on airline tickets due to the lower tourist footfall. Every country and city has a different tourist season so search for them accordingly.

Searching for cheap tickets online

The best way to find cheap tickets is by searching for them online. There are numerous portals like Nanak Flights that provide exclusive deals and offers for their customers. These portals work in collaboration with the airlines and can give you great deals on tickets which travel agencies might not be able to do.

Checking for seasonal offers or other deals

Another great way for finding cheapest flights is by checking for seasonal discounts offered by the airlines. There are numerous airline service providers in the world which means that there are thousands of deals and discounts that one can find online on their website. So make sure that you check them before booking yourself a ticket and you might just be able to get the lowest price on airfare.

Utilizing Group Traveling Discounts

What most people don’t know is that airlines provide special discounts on group tickets. If you are planning a trip with your family and friends then always check for the group discounts which are listed on the company/ airline website. They can really help you save big time on multiple ticket booking. One can also plan their trip with family and friends to utilize group traveling discounts. Please note that group tickets discounts is only applicable if you are buying more than 9 tickets. So Group discounts start from 10 tickets onwards.

Comparing Flight Fares

It is very important to compare the fares of all the different airlines. This is recommended as all the airlines will have different fares for the same route. So by comparing them, you can choose the lowest. Another thing to consider while searching for airline tickets are things like number of halts, longer layovers time and weekends travel dates. More halts or longer layovers means lesser fare. Similarly, weekend trips will cost you more in most cases.

Buying 2 One way tickets on different airlines

What Airlines do not want you to know is to buy 2 one ways tickets rather than Round trip fares. By doing that, you are paying less on the lowest class of each Airline. Only few consumers know this trick of saving big money by buying separate one way cheapest tickets. Our only advise is to be careful on the cancellation penalty in case you want to cancel your tickets as you will be paying cancellation fee of each Airline.

Call Travel Agency for unpublished Airline fares

Airlines give special retail fares to Travel Agents only to be sold on the phone. These are the cheapest fares and you will not find these fares online. So try calling the Travel agency for airfare and you can save easily upto $100 per airline ticket.